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True skepticism does not begin by being anti-anything. The processes of open consideration and examination (i.e., research) will ultimately establish whether something exists or not. ~ Ingo Swann

Photos of Ingo Swann Reading Reading the Enemy's Mind.

It didn't seem right to have all those other distinguished folks represented on my Rogues' Gallery page and yet not have Ingo Swann there, considering that if he had not lived the life he had, there would have been no reason to write my book, Reading the Enemy's Mind nor, for that matter, anything at all to write about.  However, I knew that Ingo could be a bit contrarian at times, and it wasn't unusual for him to refuse to do something simply because someone was anxious to have him do it. 

So I hit upon a strategy:  I would print out a copy of the Rogues' Gallery page with all these famous and accomplished folks on it.  I knew when he saw the company his photo would be keeping that he wouldn't be able to resist having his picture taken with my book, which he had read when it first came out back in 2005.

Somewhat to my surprise, he was eager to sit for the camera.  Not only that, but he delighted in hamming it up for me, resulting in the several amusing and endearing shots you see here below.

Ingo Swann feigning shock when reading something in Reading the Enemys Mind

Ingo Swann feigning shock when reading something in Paul H. Smith's book Reading the Enemys Mind.


Ingo Swann contemplating a copy of Reading the Enemys Mind

In his studio lair, Ingo contemplates a copy of Reading the Enemy's Mind.


Ingo manifesting yet more shock

The shock and awe continue for this and the next two photos.


Still more shock and awe


Yet more shock and awe