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True skepticism does not begin by being anti-anything. The processes of open consideration and examination (i.e., research) will ultimately establish whether something exists or not. ~ Ingo Swann

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8 December 2014

ONE MORE REMOTE VIEWING COURSE...before foot surgery puts my training program on hold for four to five months

Here’s your chance to get out of the cold for a week this winter!  For those who wanted to but couldn’t make it to our December class, It looks like I will be able to work in one more Basic Controlled Remote Viewing Course before I’m laid up for three to four months.  So we will hold another CRV basic course starting Monday, January 5th and ending Saturday morning, January 10th at the Fiesta Henderson Hotel & Casino, which is just 20 minutes from the Las Vegas airport. One space in the class is already taken, leaving only three more available.

Please contact me either by email info2@rviewer.com or by phone at (866) 229-7847, or
register on our site at Course Schedule


21 September 2014


Due to the perils of living in a popular area, a major event here in Cedar City has all the hotels fully booked up for two days of the originally scheduled period for our next course,  As a result, RVIS Inc. must reschedule the October Basic Controlled Remote Viewing Course to 20-25 October 2014. I will reach out to those who have already indicated their interest in attending.  If you were thinking about it, this is your opportunity to get on board!  But act fast -- all course sized are limited to four students, and some spots are already taken.

This will be our last class in Cedar City, heart of Utah's glorious Color Country, this year.  For details got to http://www.rviewer.com


14 September 2014


Paul H. Smith, Ph.D. will be featured guest with George Noory, premiering tomorrow, Monday, September 15, 2014.  The interview will be permanently accessible here.

Gaiam TV offers valuable content to a large viewing audience. If you're not yet a subscriber, you can watch Paul's episode for free and and explore the Gaiam TV library by signing up for unlimited access, which is FREE for 10 days (requires a credit card), and only $9.95/month after that.  You can unsubscribe at any time during or after the free 10-day trial.


11 September 2014


Just learned today that the producers of my LearnDowsing set have temporarily reduced the price $50, and are throwing in some kind of bonus.  It was originally set to last 48 hours, but I'm already a day into that, so apparently it only lasts through tomorrow.  Looks like this is the time to act, if you had been interested in acquiring the dowsing set.  Go here to find out more


10 September 2014


We successfully held our first class in our new venue in Cedar City, Utah. I was gratified to read the following student evaluation of the course: "Paul's presentation is lively and fast moving. Keeps your attention. He is keenly aware of whether a student is getting it or not and seems to be always thinking of how to make the information relevant...this course more than met my expectations!"

This first class worked so well that we have now scheduled our next Basic Controlled Remote Viewing course here in the Southwest's spectacular Color Country, from 6 to11 October 2014.


14 July 2014


We are pleased to announce our first ever Basic Controlled Remote Viewing course in the glorious Color Country of America’s mystical Southwest.  Amid soul-enriching vistas, learn how your inner mind can access the outer world across boundaries of time and space.

From 11 to16 August 2014, join me, Paul H. Smith, Ph.D., in Cedar City, Utah for the fulfilling remote viewing experience you deserve.  Five-plus days of getting to know the deeper-you.  The work is intense, but the rewards are profound.*

For more information, call (toll free) 866-229-7847 or email info2@rviewer.com  or go to http://www.rviewer.com

Sign up today at http://www.rviewer.com/Course_Schedule.html

(Paul H. Smith, Ph.D.)

[*You also have the option of adding a play at the Tony-award winning Utah Shakespeare Festival which will be going on at the same time.   Among this year’s offerings: “Twelfth Night,” “Measure for Measure,” and “Sense and Sensibility.”]


March 8, 2014



Yes, it's true. After 17 years in Austin, TX, RVIS Inc. and its popular
and widely respected controlled remote viewing program is moving west.
By June 2014, all we will have of Austin are fond memories and many old
friends left behind to visit in the future. Our upcoming March and April
courses will be the last we will hold here as Austin residents.

But don't worry -- our program continues despite a change in location.
Beginning this summer our main base of operations will be the Las Vegas,
Nevada area, with hot-season courses offered in the cooler mountain
climes of southern Utah.

If you have a burning desire to attend one of our Basic Controlled
Remote Viewing Courses in Austin, you have two more chances, so sign up
now before all eight openings are gone. Otherwise, set your sites for
Las Vegas!

Warm wishes,

(Paul H. Smith, Ph.D.)


January 3, 2014


Good news for all you who have been waiting patiently for news of new RVIS, Inc. courses!  This week my orthopedist gave me a clean bill of health for my hip replacement recovery (though I still have to do physical therapy for awhile).  That means I can schedule classes again.  So here are our new offerings:

27 January to 1 February 2014    Controlled Remote Viewing Basic Course, Austin Texas.  (Short notice – act fast!)

17-22 February 2014  Controlled Remote Viewing Basic Course, Austin Texas.

24-29 March 2014   Controlled Remote Viewing Basic Course (or Intermediate, depending on demand), Austin Texas.

30 June to 5 July 2014 Controlled Remote Viewing Basic Course, Las Vegas, NV (this is immediately following the 2014 Remote Viewing Conference).

Go to http://www.rviewer.com for further information about our program.  Click on “Course Schedule” to register, or contact me directly at info2@rviewer.com or 435-267-2173.


December 25, 2013

On this Christmas Day, 2013, I wanted to send out a thank you and a heart-felt "Merry Christmas Y'all" from me to all my past, present and future students, my clients, and my friends and future friends, with the following gift from my home in Austin, Texas to wherever you are in the world:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fY0thWd1S34

And for those of you who don't celebrate Christmas, I extend you the same good wishes and warm hopes for the future.


December 16, 2013

Folks, there is a clever way of donating money to the remote viewing cause – and it won’t cost you a penny.  It only takes one extra step.  At this time of year most of us order things from Amazon to send to family or friends...or even ourselves!  Instead of going directly to Amazon to place your order, go first to http://www.irva.org and click on the Amazon portal at the lower right corner of the page.  This will take you directly to Amazon and you merely search for what you want and place your order exactly as you always do.

But here is the benefit: For every dollar (or yen, Euro, kroner, whatever) that you spend, Amazon contributes a small percentage to the International Remote Viewing Association, a certified 501c3 charitable organization under the IRS charter.  Each little bit adds up and goes towards IRVA’s public outreach and remote viewing promotional activities, such as the extensive online library on IRVA’s website and the Warcollier Prize, awarded each remote viewing conference to the best remote viewing research project as selected by a panel of expert judges.

So next time you order anything now (or in the future), do it through the Amazon portal at http://www.irva.org – it will cost you a second or less in time, and no money out of your own pocket to support this worthy remote viewing cause.

And if you are looking for some extra tax deductions this year (or even if you’re not), you can contribute directly to IRVA’s worthwhile activities by going to http://www.irva.org/donate/index.html

May you have the most enjoyable holiday season, and I look forward to seeing you all next June at the 2014 Remote Viewing Conference!


December 6, 2013


You may be wondering what happened to me over the past several months.  This catch-up note is a bit longer than my usual, but you will be rewarded for your patience by a gift waiting you at the end.  (I’ve briefly mentioned some of this before, but this adds to that.)

This year has been full of unexpected surprises, and I’ve had some trouble keeping up with my remote viewing work because of them.  It started out with my bicycle accident in June.  I had no sooner recovered than it was time to head off to Las Vegas in early September to conduct the Controlled Remote Viewing Basic Course I had postponed due to my injuries from the bike wreck.

After an exciting and productive week training four excellent students, it was off to Utah for family business, interrupted in the middle by a trip to San Francisco to do a workshop for the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art...while leaving my wife behind to recover from an emergency appendectomy with friends (she says she has now forgiven me)! 

Once back in Utah after the whirlwind trip to SF, we drove to Boulder, Colorado where I lectured on remote viewing for an undergraduate-level science class at the University of Colorado and conducted an evening workshop. We were home by the end of the month, just in time to hear my dad had a terminal illness.  For all of October, except for a short trip to North Carolina to teach a remote viewing workshop I had committed to with the Rhine Institute (more about this in an e-mailing in a few days), I was in Boise, Idaho helping my dad negotiate the last weeks of his life. You can read about the not-so-typical events surrounding his passing on my personal “Managing the Chaos” blog at http://www.paulhamiltonsmith.com

The final event of the year was hip replacement surgery a little over three weeks ago.  My prognosis is that I should be sufficiently recovered by mid-January to get back to my usual routine.  This means that I will be able to reschedule the two classes I had to postpone due to my dad and my hip.  I will post exact dates for those courses by next week.

To celebrate the holidays, and to reward your patience, I am offering a holiday gift to all.  Several months back I created a 15 minute video introduction to remote viewing.  For those who are already informed about RV, you will still find in this video some interesting examples of successful remote viewings, and perhaps some info you had missed.  But for those who are new to remote viewing, you may find this a way of getting a quick overview of what remote viewing is, how it got started, and what some people have done with it.  This is a particularly good tool for those who have friends and family that you would like to introduce to remote viewing in a straight-forward, balanced, and easy way.  To access the video, go to  http://youtu.be/Z0yB_yUPiOc

Happy Holidays!


October 21, 2013

I have had a busy and successful fall season with our remote viewing program up until a little over two weeks ago.  It was about that time that we learned that my father has untreatable stomach cancer, and has only a matter of weeks to live.  I'm sorry to have to pass this news on.  I am presently in Boise, Idaho helping with his care, and will be involved in that on and off until he passes. 

For this reason, and for another I'm about to mention, we have had to postpone three RVIS, Inc. remote viewing courses until the new year.  I greatly apologize for the inconvenience of those who had already signed up.  But come early 2014 we plan to be really busy catching up!

There is one other reason for postponing our courses.  Inherited arthritis and an active lifestyle have teamed up to wear out my right hip.  In late November or early December, depending on how things with my dad unfold, I will be getting a hip replacement.  The doctors tell me my case is very straightforward, and all my friends and clients with whom I have talked that have had this procedure assure me I will be very happy with the results.

I will still be active as I can be in discussions on the Internet and helping set up the 2014 Remote Viewing Conference, so you'll know I'm still around!


October 10, 2013

I will be at the Rhine Center in Durham North Carolina this weekend.  This Friday evening I'll be presenting "CONTROLLED REMOTE VIEWING: What the Military Learned...and What You Can Too!" in which I will also discuss the controversial question which was brought up at a Rhine event a few months ago, "Can you actually be trained to be a remote viewer?"  [Important note:  Even if you are not in the Durham area, you can register to view my Friday night presentation online on the Rhine Center website.]

Saturday I will be presenting my day-long controlled remote viewing introductory workshop "CRV Fundamentals: A bare-bones overview and introduction to controlled remote viewing."

Got to www.rhine.org for further information and to register.


September 19, 2013

On Sunday, September 22, 2013 I will be presenting on remote viewing and perception for a “walking symposium” on Angel Island in the middle of the San Francisco Bay.

It’s called “The Field Trip - The Abstraction of Politics and the Politics of Abstraction.”  I’m not sure how politics fits in to the overall schema of the symposium, but my presentation is pretty much just about remote viewing and how it integrates with human perception.  You can get the details on how to attend the event here:


Here’s an overview from the website:

Hiding in plain sight in San Francisco Bay, Angel Island has served as a Civil War outpost, an immigration station, a prisoner of war processing center, a Nike missile site, and, currently, a California State Park. How do these rich historical narratives connect to current social debates? Come experience the island like never before during this one-day roving symposium speculating on contemporary politics, artistic abstraction, scientific imaging techniques, and the military’s Cold War-era psychic spying program known as remote viewing.

Created by the Center for Tactical Magic, The Field Trip is a 5 mile walk led by artist Aaron Gach (co-founder of the Center for Tactical Magic), who will be joined by art historians, park interpreters, data analysts, and former military remote viewers for a series of site-specific discussions, presentations, and exercises across the island. These multiple perspectives will blur the lines between seemingly disparate subjects as we explore the ways in which we, as individuals and as a society, represent information through technology, art, and facilitated visionary experiences.


September 1, 2013

Today, September 1, 2013 commemorates two of the most important dates in my life.  It is the 87 birthday of my late mother, Jean Tidwell Smith.  And it is the 30th anniversary of my assignment to the Army’s remote viewing psychic spy program.  I’ve talked a bit about my mom elsewhere but–not to ignore her–today I particularly want to remember the early days of my remote viewing career.  It is, after all, one of those “round-number” anniversaries that we seem always to want to celebrate (20th, 30th, 50th, and so on).  Thirty years ago today, September 1, 1983, I officially left my duties in a conventional military intelligence unit, where I managed raw intelligence reports from Iran, Iraq, Syria, and other US intelligence targets in the region.  I immediately officially joined a unit that was about as far from that kind of intelligence activity as could possibly be...

Read the rest of the story at:


August 28, 2013

Remote viewing tonight (28 August) on SyFy's "Joe Rogan Questions Everything -- Psychic Spies" featuring me and a cast of others. Don't know much about how it will turn out -- my interview with Joe Rogan went well, but so much depends on the editing and who else they interviewed. I did note that at least one segment has to do with "machine telepathy," which really has nothing to do with the topic of RV or ESP. Have my fingers crossed that the show will portray remote viewing in a positive light, but I'm uncertain enough about the way Hollywood does things that I am a bit anxious about it as well. We shall see! http://www.syfy.com/joeroganquestionseverything


August 23, 1013

We want to welcome home long-time friend, former Star Gate member and unit commander, and part-time Remote Viewing Instructional Services instructor William "Bill" Ray. Bill helped teach RVIS, Inc. remote viewing courses a few years back, but has been too busy in recent years as a Department of the Army Civilian in multiple deployments to Iraq, Kuwait, and Afghanistan. Now that he is back for good, maybe we can persuade him to join us for future courses!

Here is video of his homecoming this past Tuesday:



May 10, 2013

I've just returned from a ten-day tour to Israel (what an amazing place to visit!), and am fresh and ready for the next round of remote viewing classes. It looks like our May course is full, but there are still one or two places left in our Las Vegas-area course Monday through Saturday morning, 24-29 June. To make things even more exciting, we're holding the class in the historic Boulder Dam Hotel in Boulder City, about 30 minutes from Las Vegas's McCarran Airport. Even more interesting, there are rumors the hotel is haunted -- but the ghost is friendly! (For more info on that, see http://living-las-vegas.com/2009/04/boulder-dam-hotel-las-vegas/ )

Sign up now by clicking here, or by calling toll free 866-229-7847


April 15, 2013

Excellent Online Parapsychology Course. One of the problems I often see in the remote viewing community is lack of understanding of the larger context in which remote viewing fits.  Scientific parapsychology is that context.  The fact is that many beginning -- and even advanced -- remote viewing students, and even some of their teachers are unaware of the rich insights that scientific parapsychology has for the study and practice of remote viewing.  This lack of knowledge often leads over and over to many cases of "reinventing the wheel" in the remote viewing community.  It's kind of like trying to study medicine while being unaware of the germ theory of disease or the principles of epidemiology. 

Just a few days ago I became aware of a great opportunity that can help folks do something to remedy these gaps in their knowledge. The Rhine Research Center is sponsoring an 8-week online course presented by Dr. Nancy L. Zingrone.  I have met Nancy before, and recommend her highly for her knowledge, understanding, and general niceness! This is not something I or my company is involved with, but I have great respect for both Nancy and the Rhine Center, and strongly suggest you take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to get educated right in the comfort of your own home! For further details and to register go to http://www.rhineeducationcenter.org/edu/


April 7, 2013

Groundbreaking Paper on ARV. The latest issue of the prestigious Journal of Parapsychology contains a ground-breaking remote viewing research paper. The article describes what I believe to be the longest-running and most extensive body of experimental trials ever done in an associative remote viewing (ARV) experiment. [Go to my page at http://www.rviewer.com/What_Is_ARV.html for a brief overview if you are unfamiliar with ARV.]

It's titled "Greg Kolodziejzyk's 13-Year Associative Remote Viewing Experiment Results," and documents Greg's massive research into the ARV phenomena. For those who know about associative remote viewing, you probably also know that associative remote viewing results can be used for investment purposes. In the article Greg tells us how in his ARV project he used various commodity and other markets as investment targets to realize a $150,000 net gain over the 13-year experiment.

You can get a copy of the latest edition of the Journal of Parapsychology, along with Greg's article here, at the website of the Parapsychology Association http://www.parapsych.org/home.aspx

Or you can read a pre-print of the article here, on Greg's website: http://www.remote-viewing.com/ARVpaper.pdf




February 22, 2013

New Remote Viewing Tune-up program announced.   Click here for details.


November 28, 2012

I promise to only occasionally post notices about my new non-RV related blog, “Managing the Chaos.”   But so many from the RVIS_News list expressed interest in the sequel to my story about weathering Hurricane Sandy that I thought I should let you know that the new post went up just a few days ago.  You can read about what you can do now to make it through another Hurricane Sandy (or her equivalent) that might someday come to visit your neighborhood at http://paulhamiltonsmith.com 

Also, I realized that my brief note about another great opportunity probably got trampled on by the Thanksgiving Holiday, not to mention the Black Friday that followed.  Just to let you know (or remind you if your were one of the few that did see my notice), the company that distributes my Learn Dowsing DVD training set is for a short time only offering the set at substantial discount (30% off retail). 

If you’ve been thinking about getting a Learn Dowsing set for awhile, now is the perfect time to get it much more cheaply than full retail.  And if you are at a loss as to what to get that special someone in your life for Christmas – this just might be the surprise you’re looking for!  Order your set (and one for Aunt Matilda, Uncle Wallace, and your favorite high school science teacher) today at http://www.remoteviewingproducts.com/dowsing.cfm   The sale ends this coming Friday, just about 50 hours from now.


November 21, 2012

RVIS, Inc. has updated its course listings for the rest of 2012 and the first quarter of 2013.  First, due to a family health issue the November 2012 Basic CRV Course was cancelled.  Also, the 3-8 December course was changed from an intermediate to a basic course as a result.  There are still spaces available for this course.

We would also like to announce a Basic CRV Course for January 21-26, 2013 here in Austin TX.  (This takes advantage of the Martin Luther King holiday for those of you who must take time off from work to attend.)

And the Intermediate CRV Course is now scheduled for 25 February to 2 March 2013.  We are also scheduling a Basic CRV Course for 18-23 March 2013.  Both of these will be in Austin.  For further information and to register go to "Course Schedule"

Finally, our Las Vegas Basic CRV Course last spring was a great success. If you are interested in attending a class in Vegas sometime next spring, please email me at Info2@rviewer.com or call 866-229-7847.

DEEP DISCOUNT on LearnDowsing technical dowsing course. 

For once I have become aware enough in advance of a promotional sale offered by the producers of my LearnDowsing DVD-based training course to let you know about it soon enough to take action.LearnDowsing cover image

Dowsing is a very useful complementary discipline to remote viewing that you can either learn just by itself or develop in conjunction with remote viewing skills.  My much-praised dowsing course is currently being offered for a 30% discount.  Go to the LearnDowsing sale page and take advantage of this great deal today!

Warm regards, and (to our American friends) Happy Thanksgiving!

(Paul H. Smith, Ph.D.)


November 2, 2012

New Blog From Paul H. Smith

I've already told my Facebook friends about this, so many of you already know. I have a new blog I've just put together, called "Managing the Chaos." This is not a remote viewing-related blog, however. (I have one of those getting set up which should go live soon.) Instead, "managing the Chaos" will cover everything else I am interested in or have an opinion about. So far I have two posts up on the new blog. Go to http://paulhamiltonsmith.com/ to see what all the fuss is about!


October 15, 2012

Bears, Guitar Amps, Tai Chi, and RV

Just over two weeks ago I returned from back-to-back trips to Alaska and Los Angeles.  I had a lot of catching up to do, but now that is over I am able to reach out and tell you some of the interesting things along the way.  Alaska was beautiful this time of year.  Besides glaciers, fjords, mountains, and great seafood, my biggest excitement were the two bears that came within growling distance of me barely a three-minute walk from where I was staying.  Though I was in Alaska on personal business, I did take some time for a trial run of a new program we will be offering that I will tell you about in a future email. 

LA was just as interesting, but in a different way (no bears, for one).   It was the first time I had been there in almost two decades.  I was invited to give a six-hour workshop on remote viewing to an organization founded by one of my remote viewing students, Neil Strauss. “The Society International,” is an invitation-only, limited membership group of young, upwardly mobile urban professionals.  Members engage in a year-long program of self-improvement and self-empowerment orchestrated by Neil and his dedicated staff.  From the eager response to my remote viewing workshop, it was clear that The Society’s members are universally enthusiastic and sincere in their efforts to make themselves successful and the world a better place.

The opportunity came my way because I was reading Neil’s best-selling book “Emergency: This Book Will Save Your Life,” which motivated me to connect with Neil once again after several years  I was so impressed with the book that I’m sharing my review of it here (but there is still more to tell you below):

EMERGENCY: This Book Will Save Your Life

Neil Strauss finally resolved to become self-sufficient in an emergency when he realized that government emergency services take days to set up before they can actually start helping disaster victims (kind of like the old saying, "When seconds count the police are only minutes away"). "Emergency" is an entertaining, even inspiring account of how Neil became a qualified first-responder, trained self-defender, and fully ready to help himself and others survive emergencies from small to huge. There are parts you have to steel yourself for (good prep for starting on your own path to self-sufficiency), such as the unfortunate end of Bettie the goat. Along the way there are helpful hints and provoking thoughts that may, indeed, someday save your life!

The book is not meant literally as a how-to manual, but more of a journal documenting Neil's voyage through the self-help and self-sufficiency communities. But that in itself is useful.   He is conscientious about showing what not to do while walking us through how he overcame obstacles and found the best paths to self-empowerment. This approach, where the reader is right there, looking over Neil's shoulder as he learns everything from picking a lock and getting out of handcuffs and restraints, to finding water in the desert to surviving an urban disaster.  This approach is an effective way of going 'virtually' through the learning process. And Neil, an accomplished teller of other people's stories, makes great fun of telling his own.

Of course, just reading about it is no substitute for learning the skills yourself. But it is good preparation for your own journey. In the book's subtext is the message that, even if you feel your basic abilities are limited, whether physically or in some other way, you can still increase your personal power and competence and your ability to survive and even thrive. And even a little bit of preparation goes a long way. All you have to do is be willing to try. Given that the likelihood is growing that any one of us will find ourselves within our lifetimes in the middle of a regional or even nation-wide catastrophe, this is an important message indeed.

Emergency: This Book Will Save Your Life by Neil Strauss

After the workshop I stayed on for a few more days, spending time with other students of mine, among them Paul Rivera, of Rivera Amplification (they build the gold standard of guitar amps), and Dr. Carl Totten, who besides being an accomplished psychotherapist and chair of a university psychology program, runs the Taoist Institute in North Hollywood, CA.  On Sunday morning, I was treated to a one-on-one introduction to Tai Chi, which I had never tried before, but found surprisingly invigorating. Thank you, Carl, for the loan of his assistant, LB!

The culmination of my visit was again with Neil Strauss, where around his dining room table, sound techs and equipment strewn here and there, I shared the guest spotlight with musician Diamond Carter and energy-healer Monica Ortiz on Neil’s “The Inner Circle” radio show on XM Radio.

Special Note:

You probably remember that I was interviewed by Shirley MacLaine back in September on her Independent Expressions radio show.  At the time I announced it, I didn’t realize that it was a subscription-only venue.  Though Shirley has lots of fascinating guests on her program, and I’m sure a subscription would have been well worth the money, I know many of you understandably didn’t want to subscribe just to hear me talk.  So as a way of making up for that, I am posting three links below from two of my recent (free!) interviews, and one dating from awhile back.  I hope you’ll find these at least some compensation for me pointing you at a paid program.

“Future Theater,” with Bill and Nancy Birnes, from 7 July 2012:

“Truth Quest,” with Melodee Hallett, from 18 Aug 2012:

“My Spirit Radio,” with Carolyn Lake, from June 2011 (two parts):



September 1, 2012

Great news!  I'll be interviewed by the awesome Shirlry MacLaine on Sunday, September 2, 2012.  Not quite three weeks ago, I went to see "Bernie," the latest film starring Ms. MacLaine, Jack Black, and Mathew McConaughey.  It was an excellent and touching film.  Many of you know that Shirley MacLaine has a long, abiding interest in consciousness and paranormal topics.  In fact, while I was studying remote viewing with Hal Puthoff and Ingo Swann, one of the books I was reading was her seminal "Out on a Limb."  Two of her books followed, "Dancing in the Light" and "It's All in the Playing," along with the film version of "Out on a Limb."  I was hooked -- I was a closet Shirley MacLaine fan.  I found her many adventures recounted in her books always engaging, and loved the movies I saw her in.  I never imagined I would ever have the chance to engage her in conversation and talk about the things I was then learning from Hal and Ingo.  I knew she would be fascintated by remote viewing, if only she were aware it existed. 

Now I have an opportunity to speak directly to the legendary actress on the subject of remote viewing and other consciousness-raising issues.  Join us at 4:00 PM Pacific/6:00 PM Central for an hour of give-and-take that will be anything but boring!  Go to http://shirleymaclaine.com/iecommunity/ieradio.php to tune in.


August 10, 2012

I'm just back from another two-week trip out of town, but this time I will be around for awhile. Here's what's happening!


The deadline is near to sign up for my Labor Day Basic Controlled Remote Viewing Course, if you are hesitating out there. There are just three weeks until we start, and I only have two openings remaining. My schedule is beginning to look like this may be the last basic CRV course that I will be able to offer before January. For further info, go to http://www.rviewer.com and to sign up email me at info2@rviewer.com or call toll free 866-229-7847.

Plans are also in the works for intermediate and advanced courses later this fall.


I'll be on two media interviews coming just over a week from now:

* Saturday afternoon, August 18, 2012 on Truth Quest with Melodee Hallett. Listen live from 12am to 2pm Central Time on Oracle Broadcasting at http://www.oraclebroadcasting.com/

* Monday evening, August 20, 2012, with Jerry Pippin 7pm to 8pm EDT on the Inception Radio Network at http://inceptionradionetwork.com/


...that I am now reading. "The Reality of ESP" by the inimitable Russell Targ. Russell says this is the last book about ESP or remote viewing he will ever write. I'm about a fourth of the way through it, and enjoying it very much.

"The Reality of ESP" is from Quest Books and can be ordered online from Amazon (go to http://www.irva.org and click on the Amazon portal on the bottom left of the screen; this will cost you nothing extra yet helps to raise money for a good cause).

Best wishes,

(Paul H. Smith, Ph.D.)