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Remote Viewing Instructional Services
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Enhance Your Skills With Remote Viewing Tune-up From RVIS, Inc.

Tune up your remote viewing skills with Paul H. Smith, Ph.D.


Are the remote viewing skills you learned months or years ago a little rusty?  Could they use a bit of a refresher? 

Did the homestudy course you bought not give you the remote viewing skills you expected?  

Does the idea of practicing under the watchful eye of someone who knows all the tricks of the remote viewing trade appeal to you? 
Or would you like dedicated mentoring and advice from a leading remote viewing expert?

If so, then RVIS, Inc.’s Remote Viewing Tuneup may be for you. You may be one of Paul's students, or you may be someone new to Paul's training program and teaching approach—it matters not! You can arrange to spend quality time with the longest-active public remote viewing instructor, Paul H. Smith, Ph.D. Paul has been training aspiring remote viewers in controlled remote viewing since 1984. Enjoy personalized instruction and guidance tailored to you and what you really need to meet your remote viewing goals.  Adapt the time you spend to your needs. Spend an hour or two, a half-day, a day, or multiple days working through your remote viewing challenges and developing new remote viewing proficiency. 

There are two ways you can do this:

    1) With Dr. Smith in Cedar City, Utah.  This is particularly suited to those with time and resources to travel to work with Paul on his home turf.  If you are one of Paul’s students and are behind on your homework, this may be your opportunity to take a one or two (or more) day option to work through most of the homework assignments in a supervised setting and get most or all of them out of the way quickly and painlessly. An added benefit is the possibility of arranging short field trips to experience the awe-inspiring surroundings of Utah's justly famous Color Country!

    2) Near where you live.  Paul travels frequently and may be visiting your city or one nearby. With sufficient notice, arrangements can often be made to help you tune up your remote viewing skills in or near your home town (there may be added charges if a venue needs to be arranged).

Remember, you don’t have to be one of Paul’s students to benefit from this program.  Your background can be from any remote viewing course or training curriculum.

Besides his home base in southern Utah, Paul frequently travels to other parts of the US including nearby Las Vegas, NV; Salt Lake City/Provo UT; Portland, OR; Dallas and Austin, TX, Boise, ID, and Denver/Boulder CO.  Areas he occasionally travels to include the central US East Coast and Alaska, as well as other areas from time to time.  He occasionally visits overseas locations as well – most recently France and the United Kingdom.

Email Paul at Tune-up@rviewer.com or call 866-229-7847 to schedule your RV Tune-up today!  If Paul is not currently available in Utah or coming to your area, we will add  your name to our waiting list for future opportunities.  Click here for pricing.